Earlier this month we asked you to submit questions you had about College Humor. Well the results are in. We picked the top 3 and answered them to the best of our ability.

Ace asks a 2-part question: Whose idea was it to make the CH logo a jester? Also, why is everything on CH funnier when I'm completely smashed?

Answer: Sorry Ace, one question submission per person, otherwise it's not fair. We have to disqualify you and delete your CH account. Sorry again dude.

But for all of you who can still see this, I'll answer the first question. It was a collaborative effort between the founders and a guy who was designing t-shirts for them when they were sophomores in college.

Thomas wants to know: How many pussies do you guys get on a daily basis now that you're working for CH? I bet it's a lot. You've got to be pussy magnets. Man, I wish I worked there!

Answer: That's a pretty tough question Thomas. It really varies from guy to guy around here, plus some people have been in long-term relations and whatnot. It's difficult to tag a number to such a large amount of people too. But on average, I'd have to say the guys in the office get about 7 pussies a year, give or take.

Andy asks: How big are the weiners around the office?

I took an anonymous poll of all the weiners in the office and calculated a grand sum total of 23.49 feet (7.83 yards/ 7161.78 millimeters) of raw penis, but I forget how many people work here so do what you wish with that number.

So there you have it. A window to the inner workings of the illustrious CollegeHumor office. Any questions you'd like answered send to AskanIntern @ GMail.com