Just answer the questions below and see if your girlfriend is making a fool out of you behind your back!

I've been with my girlfriend for…
1-2 years. (0 points)
Less than one year. (1 point)
2+ years. (2 points)
Umm anywhere between 6 weeks and 2 years – I'm not totally sure. She keeps track of that crap. (3 points)

I've seen her make out with…
No one. (0 points)
Other girls. (1 point)
Other dudes. (2 points)
My little borther. (3 Points)

When we are apart for long stretches of time, I find out what she's up to primarily by…
Talking to her on the phone. (0 points)
Sending and receiving text bombs. (1 point)
Checking her away message on AIM to see when she's eating, sleeping, or brbing. (2 points)
Logging onto her paysite and watching her webcam show. (3 points)

I play video games…
Occasionally when my girlfriend is not around. (0 points)
A few times a week when she's busy doing girl things in the bathroom. (1 point)
Basically everyday, but seriously she doesn't mind watching. (2 points)
At least 4 hours a day. The only reason I'm reading this update now is because I have to kill a few minutes while I wait for my teammates to sign onto Xbox Live. (3 points)

My girlfriend…
Goes to the same college as I do. (0 points)
Goes to the same college as I do, but our dorms are a shuttle bus ride apart. (1 point)
Goes to a different college, but we're close enough that we can easily visit each other on weekends. (2 points)
Goes to a different college across the county. It's no big deal, though, cause we're in love. I'm serious, dude – everything is fine between me and her. You want proof? Check my facebook wall. She posts on there like every day. Plus it's only four years apart and it'll totally be worth it after we graduate and can spoon like every night in the same bed and poke each other for real instead of virtually. Now leave me alone you don't even know me. (3 points)

My girlfriend calls me…
A nickname that I pretend I hate in front of my boys but that I secretly like. (0 points)
My name. (1 point)
Fag. (2 points)
Johnny sometimes by mistake. My name is really Eric, but hey, no one's perfect. Plus you can't blame her too much for the occasional slip up because her best friend's name is Johnny and they hang out like all the time. (3 points)

The reason I am suspicious that my girlfriend is cheating on me is because…
My last girlfriend cheated on me so I figure that all girls are mischievous demons. (0 points)
Other dudes occasionally write on her facebook wall. (1 point)
She always cries after we hook up. (2 points)
I am cheating on her (3 points).

We spend most of our time…
Drinking Starbucks lattes together as we frequent the latest contemporary art exhibit at the local museum. (0 points)
Hanging out and watching TV while talking about how much sweeter our lives were back in high school. (1 point)
Sending texts to each other that say, 'I reaaally wish I could hang out with you but I've got sooo much work to do tonight :(' (2 points)
Having sex with other people. (3 points)