The fast-paced, no holds barred world of Yo Momma battling can strike anywhere and at any time. To help you be prepared, here's a handy cheatsheet for insults geared at mommas of various world religions.

Yo momma so old, she used to baby-sit Mohammad.
Yo momma so fat, she don't wear a veil, she wears a curtain.

Yo momma so ugly, Jesus don’t forgive her when she forgets makeup.
Yo momma so fat, she went back for thirds in the Eucharist line.
You momma so stupid, when you told her you were lookin’ for enlightenment, she bought you a desk lamp.
You momma so fat, even Buddha himself thinks she could lose a couple pounds.

Yo momma so cheap, even the Jews call her Jewish.
Yo momma so fat, she was the whale who swallowed Jonah.
You momma so fat, she weighed less in her last life as a manatee.
Yo momma so fat, she don’t do yoga, just yogurt.

Yo momma so fat, we had to stick her doll with javelins just so she could feel it.
Yo momma so ugly, her zombies won’t even date her.

Yo momma so stupid, when I asked if she could do a spell on my ex-girlfriend, she was like, "K…a…t…i…e…"
Yo momma so ugly, her broom’s the only wood she ever rides.