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Name: Kayla Motta

School: The Ohio State University

Mascot: Buckeye

Describe your ideal…

Pizza: ham and pineapple!

Guy: athletic, honest, caring, understanding, has to have some of the same goals and beliefs as I do, and has to have some brains too!

Describe your worst…

Date: I’ve never really had a bad date but this one was kind of awkward. My date and I had gone out to eat before Winter Ball in high school. While we were waiting for our food I see my ex boyfriend, some of his friends, and my old best friend. They kept looking to see who I was with and each one of them would get up and go to the bathroom and pass by our table. It was pretty awkward and I felt bad for my date.

Pizza: Anchovies! Gross!

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? No more terrorism because I think that its one of the things that is dividing our world more and more every day.

BBQ Sauce or Ketchup? Don’t really use much of either… depends on the type of food I’m eating.

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