To start it off, I’m a huge fan of The O.C. (shut up) and I’m also Asian (shut up). My last name is “Tse,” which is pronounced “see.” Sometime last year, I came up with the genius idea that if I named my kid “Oh,” their full name would be “Oh Tse.” I was pretty satisfied with my hard thinking for quite some time. That is, until one boring day at work last year, when I realized that I could name my kid “Theo.” Theo Tse/The O.C.

Throughout the past few months, I’ve scanned through dictionaries, looking for words that end in “-cy,” and I've compiled a list of other possible names for my future children, who will probably hate me for life.

And here’s the list:

Frequen Tse
Washington D. Tse
Ecsta Tse
Aybe Tse
Monkey Tse
Curren Tse
Buoyan Tse
Democra Tse
Falla Tse
Vacan Tse
Consisten Tse
Emergen Tse
Bankrupt Tse
Priva Tse
Prophe Tse
Accura Tse
Poli Tse
Fan Tse
Pregnant Tse
Redundan Tse
Efficien Tse
Suprema Tse
Intima Tse
Agen Tse
Confedera Tse
Celeba Tse
Residen Tse
Discrepan Tse
Henna Tse
Esbee Tse
Kurt S. Tse
Will Tse
Trey Tse
Not Tse

I'm sure there's a lot missing.