[picture:35800|size=small]Class time doesn't have to be boring. Here are five pranks you can play in class without ever getting in trouble. All of the fun, but none of the risk!

1. Raise your hand, when the teacher calls on you, say that you "Forgot what you were going to say. Get back to me." Priceless!

2. Come into class 5 minutes late. After class, apologize to the professor for your tardiness and vow that it will never happen again, then as you leave, under your breath mutter "Not." Classic!

3. When handing in your first assignment or essay give yourself a fake middle initial. Don't get greedy and choose X or Q, though. Try something a little more subdued, like M or P. Awesomeness!

4.Sit next to a girl you don't really know. Before class, strike up a conversation. Befriend this girl and eventually date her. When the time is right, propose marriage and ultimately start a family with this girl. Grow old with her, but on her deathbed place a well hidden microscopic fart machine (to be invented) at the base of her spine. Perfect!

5. Wear a silly hat. Gold!