The Finale(tdown)

Ok so I am bit disappointed, and I hope that I am not the only one who is. The finale was a bit of a letdown, maybe because the two lead-up episodes were pretty fantastic, but this was weak nonetheless.

Sylar escaping into the sewers at the end, I know people are going to say ‘But it is SO comic book of them to do that!’ Forget that, it’s beat let him die, all that bad ass sword training heroes does and he doesn’t go in for the coup d’ grace and decapitate the creepy brain eater. We don’t need to have that bad guy anymore, they have hinted at a bunch already. Molly says that the worst boogie-man of them all can see her back. We have a chance to see a good old fashion marvel team up of Peter and Nikkica going after Sylar but no, Peter makes her go to her family.

Could they have jammed family more down our throat in this episode, any chance they got a character would mention family, whether it was pregnant wife, daughter, brother, mother, son, husband…Everyone. I don’t need any more reminders about how important family is my mom calls me and tells me that every weekend I don’t go visit her in the hospital.

Also Nathan’s speech when he came to rescue Peter? Yuck, gag me with a presidential spoon. We get it, just fly him into outer space and do it fast, because remember he is about to microwave midtown. Why couldn’t Claire just shoot him? Wouldn’t Nathan still be alive? And also couldn’t they shoot him in the base of the brain and then take the bullet out and have him come back to life. It has already happened twice in the series.

Also Parkman and D.L. can really tough it out through those bullet wounds huh?

Now there are some things that I didn’t hate about this episode, actually a number of things I that gave me the fanboner I need:

-Parkman’s line “ I left my pregnant wife 3000 miles away, he is a bad guy, I am a cop, I am going after him.

-When Nikkica grabbed the parking meter, and dropped the pain on Sylar.

-Following that Petrelli taking off his jacket to really get down.

-Hiro seeing his childhood Hero right before battle in the end.

-Nikki or was it Jessica getting a pep talk from Jessica or was it Nikki.

-When it is revealed that the woman who hit on McDreamy was also Meredith’s sister! Holy Cow!

-When Micah fixed the elevator I got super excited because they were working as a team, all they need now is some spandex suits and a paralyzed leader with a bicced head.

-Unlike Lost Heroes doesn’t leave you with TV-blue balls, where nothing ever happens. I like that the season wrapped and the next season is starting with a new plot, no cliffhangers