Waiting for CSI: American Idol spin-off.

Contestants rarely, if ever, murdered in "Running Man" style competition.

Taylor Hicks can’t win every year.

Real singing feels fake compared to Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears style pop acts.

Frustrated after six seasons of Randy Jackson sitting idly by while Paula Abdul isn't eaten alive.

Other, better shows also on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

Too difficult to write for my America Idol blog and watch at the same time.

They have a one year only rule. Thus Taylor Hicks can’t come back each year.

Eight-year-old girls in chat room agree Idol jumped the shark after season four.

Simon Cowell isn't American, and that's bad for our troops.

In my nightmares, the radio plays Kelly Clarkson on all frequencies and can't be turned off.

I can drink a case of cold beers and the show still only vaguely resembles American Gladiators.

Sanjaya-a-boy realization brings back chilling memories of Hanson fiasco in elementary school.

Taylor Hicks won't return phone calls.