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Name: Sarah Bolt

School: Fairfield University

Mascot: Stags

Describe your ideal…

Pizza: I really don’t eat that much pizza, but some late night Domino’s Cheesy Bread always does the trick.

Guy: Most importantly, he has to be able to make me laugh. Someone who expresses a lot of interest in you without being creepy about it is flattering. I like a guy who is intelligent and is planning on doing something with his life. And being in shape and having shaggy hair always helps.

Describe your worst…

Date: With anyone who takes longer to get ready that I do.

Pizza: Anchovy. So super gross. Fish & pizza don’t mix.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? That no one would ever wear navy blue and black together ever again. Because it just doesn’t match!

BBQ Sauce or Ketchup? If I really had to chose, I’d go with ketchup. But I don’t really have a love for either.

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