Packing for college is a daunting task. You have no idea what kind of things you're going to need, so you bring everything. You pack shirts that you haven't worn in three years, CD's you've never even opened, and pictures of your mom. Well now that you're a few weeks into the semester, here are a few ideas for practical uses for the useless sht you've brought to school.

High school yearbook: Let's be honest for a second. You just weren't thinking clearly when you packed this. No one, and I'm not exaggerating at all when I say, absolutely no one wants to see your high school year book. Not a single person in your dorm even cares that you went to high school. The yearbook can now serve as a food tray, beer coaster, or most likely, a porn magazine.

Desk lamp: When have you ever turned this on? All the little "compartments"