10. Kevin Smith Vs. Fan Never attack a man with a microphone. Especially if you are overweight.

9. Man Vs. KidsThis guy teaches us that the best way to get supporting actors is to make them yourself.

8. Home Made SlideImagine how great life would be if six year olds knew how to use tools?
7. Avril ParodyThe hottest song of the summer is now the hottest parody of the summer. Move over, Weird Albert!
6. Duke Nukem Chat Prank There is nothing like a good ole fashion prank phone call. Just ask any sixth grader.
5. Harder, Better, Finger, Stronger
If only all sign language were this awesome.
4. Minesweeper: The MovieIt's only a matter of time before Minesweeper: The Movie: The Ride. And it will be awesome.
3. PowerThirst A drink with so much energy you need to chase it with a lightning bolt.
2. Internet Commenter Business Meeting – See what happens when corporations change pw3nership.
1. Dramatic Chipmunk This is also the number one video of next summer, and the summer after that. And the one after that.