For a long time, I thought I was the only one. I thought no one elsefelt like I did. Having these feelings and not being able to tell anyone for fear of being ridiculed tore me apart inside. But after a conversation with someone who felt the same way I did, I am confident that I can now openly express the way I feel.

I don't understand Blockbuster's "No Late Fee" policy.

There it is. Out in the open for the whole world to see.

I mean, doeseveryone feel this way?No one's saying anything about it which leads me to believe i'm the only one confronted withquestions about their policy.There's no late fees? LikeĀ….at all?

Either i'm missing some simple solution to this complicated equation or this system is seriously flawed. I'm sure the people at Blockbuster's corporate office took the time weigh the pro's and con's of doing this. And undoubtedly they weighed the cost options. So, what am I missing?

If there are no late fees, why wouldn't I just keep the movie forever? I assume that they charge you the cost of the movie or game after a certain amount of time, but how long? Do I keep the movie for a week, a month, a year before i'm charged? I don't understand.

Prior to writing this, I had absolutely no idea about any of the answers to these questions but after a little research, I found out that after a week you are charged the cost of the movie or game.

That's one thing settled, but this still doesn't answer my question. Why is there such a thing as a "2-day rental" if there are no late fees? If I fail to return the movie after two days, then what? I get another two days? Is the 2-day rental system merely a suggestion with no repurcussions for not heeding it's advice?

I simply don't understand. But until I do, I'm keeping my copy of "Fat Albert" until Blockbuster notifies me otherwise.