I'm off to get a job and work until the summer ends
I'll spend my days at some lame job, my nights drunk with my friends
I'll drink and drink, fall down and puke, but its what I want to do
I'm off to get a job today, but tonight I'm bound to spew

I've got a girl around the way, she thinks that she's the one
but I'll be damned if I'm going to spend a dime to hit it more than once
She's 4 foot ten and at least 2 bills, but the summer's just begun
I'm off to fuck a slob today, but I'm sure its one-and-done

Right before I did the deed, this bitch wouldn't shut her yap
This fat cunt spit up roast beef and gravy while talking all her crap
She told me I'm a good guy, but I need to set more goals
She'd hate to see me waste my life cutting grass and digging holes

Don't push me please, I just can't stand a pushy kind of girl
I took you out and bought you food, but you're treating me like dirt
Oh, I'm not the kind to stick to plans, I'm not a structured guy
I'm only out for one thing, Miss, and its aimed right at your eye

Its the lazy days of summer, but money fuels my needs
Its tough to use a value menu as a means to ditch my seed
Some girls think its a fairytale, but I'm their wake up call
I've lost my fucking job today, eat your Arby's and lick my balls