Four guys, Jason, Todd, Frank and Brian are outside throwing a football.

Jason: Hey Todd, over here!

Todd: Go long dude!

Jason sprints out over the field as Todd wings the football, Jason leaps and catches it.

Frank: Jason, I'm open!

Jason throws a perfect spiral right into Frank's outstretched hands.

Brian: (Running up behind Frank) Lateral!

Frank laterals to Brian who catches the ball and then punts it off the side of his foot into some nearby bushes.

Brian: My bad.

Todd: (Crawling into the shrubbery) It's cool, I got it.

Todd returns from the bushes with the ball, and throws it back to Frank. Just as Frank goes for the ball, Brian leaps in front of him and knocks it down. He picks up the ball.

Brian: Jason go long!

Jason: I am long.

Brian: Longer!

Jason: (Shouting from across the field) This is pretty long.

Brian: (Howling like an animal) Let's do this! (Takes a running start and punts the football, which hits his foot awkwardly and winds up going 20 yards behind him)

Todd: Come on dude, just throw it.

Brian: Kay.

Brian chases down the football, turns, and punts it into the same shrubs as before.

Frank: Brian, come on man.

Brian: Little help.

Todd: No, it's a lot of help, man, it's all the way into the bushes.

Jason: You're such a dick Brian.

Todd: (Returning from the bushes with the football) Stop punting it okay man?

Brian: Fine.

Todd throws the football, it lands in between Brian and Frank.

Frank: (Jogging over) I got it.

Brian sprints towards the ball and kicks it, soccer style, across the field.

Jason: What the fuck dude? Why don't you throw it.

Brian: I am throwing it.

Frank: No, Brian, you aren't. You're kicking it. There's no other interpretation for what you're doing other than that you're kicking it.

Brian: Phsst. Whatever you guys are idiots.

Todd: Why are we idiots?

Brian: My phone's ringing.

Jason: No it isn't. I'm holding your phone, you asked me to before we left.

Brian: Let me see it.

Jason: No.

Brian starts lazily kicking at a patch of grass.

Brian: Race you guys home.

Frank: No.

Todd: I'm not racing.

Brian sprints away