Who says learning can't be fun? Last time we learned about which US presidents have directly killed other humans, but today we're learning something new!

Important Dates In Illegal Drug History

  • 1855 – German chemist Friedrich Gaedcke isolates the cocaine alkaloid, making the manufacture of cocaine possible. Horray!
  • 1874 – Felix Hoffmann, working for Bayer Pharmecuticals, invents a great new cough medicine…Heroin.
  • 1906 – Albert Hofmann is born in Baden Switzerland. 32 years later he will invent LSD. 100 years later (a.k.a. today) he will still be alive.
  • 1937 – The first American is arrested for selling marijuana. Congratulations, Samuel R. Caldwell!
  • 1954 – Pot Brownie recipe appears in the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook.
  • 1970 – Dock Ellis, pitcher for the Pittsburg Pirates, pitches a no hitter while tripping on LSD.
  • 1971 – A group of enterprising students at San Rafael High School in California agreed to meet up after school and smoke weed. The time they chose? You guessed it, 4:20!
  • 1982A new drug called crack appears in Miami. This is also the year that I am born, which is way better than crack when it comes to not destroying America's inner cities.
  • 1990 – This dude named Cody is born. In 2013 he will invent a new drug called Whap by mixing cocaine, marijuana, bleach and pressure boiling the whole mixture. By 2016 Whap will be the most abused and harmful drug in the nation.Thanks Cody!…or maybe not, I can't tell the future.