Do you wear socks? Of course you do. You my friend are a racist. A dirty, backwards, Honkey, SOB, that deserves to die a horrible death in a fiery pit of your father’s semen. Yeah that’s right socks. Since your redneck ass didn’t make it past the third grade I’ll explain it to you.
A long time ago a bunch of white guys were in a new land, hungry, poor, and only able to grow some weird ass plant that produced a soft puffy load.They had no idea what to do with this plant and we’re too lazy to harvest it themselves. Then one day another lazy white guy came up with the idea of slavery. Yes it was invented in the south in the 1800’s not a centuries old business. Oh like your country ass knows. Why don’t you go kiss your sister?
Anyways they had a weird plant and other people to do their work. Now they just needed to find out how to turn it into a profit. This it how the evil sock empire began. They created a cotton wrap for your foot “claiming” that it would keep your feet warm and absorb sweat from your feet to make them smell less like your crotch.Even though we know that after just one week of continuous wear they smell like your sister after a weekend of “whoreing.”Soon this product caught on and created a large demand for socks and slaves to make them. They are the single reason for slavery, the civil war, and racism.So join us in the abolishment of socks or just keep hanging out in your trailer sipping on Old Milwaukee and staring at the Dale Sr. collector plates. God I hate you.