Ok, clearly HBO is having a hard time understanding the concept of seasons.During last night's season finale ofEntourage season 3 Partdeux, HBO announced thatthe show would be on hiatus… for 2 weeks. Then, June 17th, HBO is launchingSeason 4 Part Alpha 1.They will then fragment that season into several smaller seasons so that the story has that right mix of choppy and incoherent. What are you doing HBO? If I were a writer on the show I would make sure to buy HBO a desk calandar for Christmas. Sure, traditionally shows are supposed to take a break between seasons for vacation and to shoot the next season, but why break when why there are 2 or 3 perfectly good episodes lying around to start a season with. That way season4 will surely get fragmented into tiny littlepieces of seasons. Brilliant! Screw it, HBO, let's just get on the quarters system permantently.

So the guys (except for Turtle)find themselves about to roll the dice on the biggest gambles of their lives…E and Vince have invested every cent theyhave into buying the script for "Meddilin" and Drama invested more then every cent he had buying a million and a half dollar condo after only one episode of his show is successful. I'm convinced thatHBO should have a "Johnny Drama Moment of the Day" segment after shows where they recap the most retarded decision Drama made over the half hour. This weeks clip would just be him saying "One point Five Million!"

So E and Vince find out that Nicky Rubenstein wants to finance "Medellin" for the guys. And in classic "we only have a half hour to tell a story and no budget to recast a part" economics,they jump to take his generous offer of 25 million dollars without even taking any other meetings. Meetings are for pussies, let's just take this offer of 40% of the studio budget and get on to the conflict that's sure to ensues over running out of money. Wow, you guys sure are good producers. "Hey Eric, have you ever produced a movie before?" Eric: "No, but I'm sure we cando it well for less then half ofwhat those crazy movie studio peopleestimated! They're crazy and should really should stick to just making movies, ya know what I mean? Leave this producing thing to us experts." "Uh, Eric, how are we going to make that happen?" Eric – "Well, let me just lookin my big producer rolodex… anduh… well, uh, good! I know one director. I think he's the perfect guy for the job.Let's call him. And I think he's currently directing midget porn, so we can probably even get him on the cheap!" I must now interupt this article to say congratulations to Entourage for being the first show to successfully integrate a midget porn star into a plot. Well done Entourage, well done.

So they argue for about 40 seconds about twenty five million versus thirty million, and finallyNicky Rubenstein decides to cut the check foran extra five million dollars like he was picking up a round of drinks. He signs a check for a cool 30 mil andand gives them a peace out as he heads out to meet his girlbefore the appetizers hit. I loved that moment. It forever sealed Nicky Rubenstein's character as a total douche. He was willing to cut a check for enough money to topple a few dictators, but didn't have the time or patience to stick around and shakeBilly Walsh's hand. You know this situation and the politics of it are going to get really messy, really soon.

And so, ladies and gents, we are wrapped for season 3 of Entourage.We had abreakup of Ari and Vince that lasted about as long as I'd last withSloane, (thank you HBO forgiving us a few scenes with her. E do not dump her! DO NOT DO IT!!!)we saw the rise and fall of Amanda, met Nicky Rubenstein, saw Drama's show premiered as a hit (Victory!),watched Vince and E go balls out tosell the house, and buy Medellin, they got financing for it, and as we leave them (for 2 whole weeks) they are off to Colombia to make their first movie.It'll be fun.

As always, some random thoughts…

-Let's have Entourage entirely be in Spanish next season. Billy Walsh is a great character and a giant moron.

-E,DO NOTdump Sloane!

-Pablo Escobar is a ridiculous name.

-Do Drama and Turtle not know how to read? Oh, this is a CONDO. FOR SALE? Oh, so this isn't the two bedroom we saw on Craigslist? My bad. THe kicker is he still bought it.

-From the previews, it looks like Vince is out of money. But they have a check for 30 milion in his wallet and he's the lead in the film!… You think he could get an advance, or a loan or something. Why is this an issue?. (and I'm not even an accountant. Although I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.)

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