Ok we are not talking about the normal penis game. Haha, yeah everyone knows it… whoever yells penis the loudest wins. Congrats sir, but welcome to the new and improved perversivion sweeping the nation.

Hey, call me gay… it doesn't matter 'cause I get drunk and bang fat bitches. It's what I do. I slay hood rats. I'm one of the many… but anyways other than enjoying hitting the period button multiple times I like penises… alot… and I mean alot…

No homo.

I just think men like more famous people have humoungus cocks. And here;s the catch, they aren't all famous black men…

Although, I do believe Greg Oden has to wrap it around his leg and tie it in a knot before every game…

Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here's the deal, the game is like this. Brad Pitt = huge cock. George Clooney = even bigger cock. Why? Do you ask? Because 1) Pitt is banging Angelina Jolie and making babies, 2) Clooney is slaying hood rats wherever he is from across the room.

That's it. Sounds simple, but NO! The more creative the comment, the funnier the joke.

1) I say to my roommate that Oscar De Le Hoya is going to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. He responds with, "All Floyd has to do is drop his pants and he will strangle De La Hoya with is cock."

2) While watching Tristan and Isolde, James Franco appears on screen, kills about 40 guys and I say, "Franco uses his cock as a jump rope."

3) So, Tom Brady is on the newest cover of Details magazine, and not only is he banging hood rats (like Bridget Moynahan and making babies), I say, "if he wanted to he could throw his penis over his shoulder and fuck his own ass." Seriously, it's got to be that big.

4) And Justin Timberlake lied when he said he put his dick in a box, because one, it wouldn't fit and two he tied itin a bow and put it on top of the box.

Given those four examples: one either thinks that I am super gay or I am so comfortable with my sexuality that it doesn't even matter. Give or take, it's still hilarious to me and I'm not gay. Like I wrote above, I really like cock but I love vagina. Except it's not as funny when you talk about hot chicks that have been holed out…

What does that even mean? It means that nobody wants to bang a girl that has been abused by half the football team… wait, I take that back cause I would brag… but seriously, no one wants to throw a hot dog into a hallway.

So stick to the penis jokes because then at least you can feel better about yourself after you get an STD from some girl that fucked half the football team. It worked for me and I have a tiny cock.