1. They're really gross. (duh)
  2. Nobody knows what rye is.
  3. No seriously, rye's not evenlisted onthe ingredients on the back.
  4. Or the Nutrition Facts.
  5. They make you fatter. Why? Because if you eat a Rye Chip, you have to eat like 6 more peices of Chex Mix, to get that taste out of your mouth. One of those 6 are likely to be a Rye Chip, leading to a never ending cycle of eating Chex Mix.
  6. They look kinda like a burnt peice of tree bark.
  7. Tastes like it too.
  8. My dog won't even eat them.
  9. They're killing our rye forests. (hippies, take notice)
  10. You know whats fun to do? Take a bread twist and put it inside of a round pretzel. They fit together so perfectly, like they were meant to be together.
  11. Rye Chips seem to me like they're the Bagel Chips douche bag brother. He was shun as a child and now he's out to seek revenge.
  12. You ever drop a Rye Chip onyour carpetand then step on it? That shit's impossible to get out.
  13. Rye Chips taste gross dipped in anything. Seriously, anything.
  14. Aquaman.
  15. Tacos.
  16. It's tough to hear the Colbert Report while eating them.
  17. They make your breath stink.
  18. Rye Chips make you act like that one cunt-ass little girl from that one Chex commercial they always show around Christmas time.
  19. You think Rye Chips ever get asked to the Prom in Chex Mixville?
  20. No.
  21. They're not on the front of the Chex Mix bag. A poor attempt by General Mills to boost Chex Mix sales.
  22. Norbit's coming out on DVD soon.
  23. Why call them chips even? They give chips every where a bad name.
  24. You know why they don't put Doritos in Chex Mix? Because if they were in there, Doritos would kick Rye Chips ass.