Look, I know you're like super famous now because you've been in Playboy but that doesn't mean that you can just forget your roots. I facebook friended you over eight months ago and yet when I go to look at your profile it tells me that we STILL have a pending friend request.

[picture:1691450|size=small] What's the deal Jenn? Are you too cool these days to just click confirm? You accepted my friend Saadon Davis' request a month and a half after he added you. Remember that? And he sounds like a terrorist. Cut a nice, Jewish boy from New Jersey some slack Jenn.

I'm not even asking for a friends details confirmation. I just want to browse through your pictures like every other male between the ages of 15 and 35. That's my right as a college student, and as an American.

So, please Jenn, if you ever come to Collegehumor and read this article, do me a favor and just click "confirm," and then "skip this step" next to my name when you log in to facebook.