(Unaired June 13, 2005)

Alex Trebek:
And we are to our last contestant on this final Jeopardy round. Frank Newbottom, a Barnes and Nobles employee with a PhD in English from Seattle, is poised to take the win with a correct response to this answer: This group has received criticism for tight controls on the media. The question which our other two contestants have got right is, of course, the Federal Communications Commission or FCC. Let us see what Frank has written.

(Frank smiles nervously)

Frank: Listen, Alex it's been a long day, I really don't feel like doing this. All this… pressure.

Trebek: Oh, nonsense Frank. You can win up to $20,476 and return as tomorrow’s champion.

Frank: Well, no need to look at my answer…

Trebek: You mean question.

(Anxious laughter begins)

Frank: Yeah, question. Let's just forget the whole thing. Let's assume I put down something wrong and lost all my money. Is that okay? Good. Well, the trip has been nice and all. Thanks for the hotel and the muffins this morning…

Trebek: Frank this could change your life. Judges, reveal Frank's answer.

(Audience gasps, horror spreads across Frank's face)

Trebek: What is the Jews? You say the Jews control the media too tightly?

Frank: This is all a misunderstanding. I swear I misread the question…

(With all the rage Canada has to offer)
Trebek: ANSWER!


Frank: Misread the answer I mean, sir, your highness. (whispering) Please don't kill me.

Trebek: Really, Mr. Newbottom? I would have expected more from a Barnes and Nobles employee.

Frank: I swear I didn't mean it the way it sounds. Some of my best accountants are Jewish… uh-oh…

(Alex Trebek's eyes glow red)
I meant… best friends?