So we finally got the last wave of editorial interns this week, bringing the count to a whopping 9! Let's start things off by listing these poor n0obz: Kevin, Katie, Jeremy, Jason, Chris, Will, Susanna, Patrick and me. If this was a party it'd be Sausage fest '07. Anyway, people sent in some questions and now we're going to answer them. If you have a question for the slaves send me a CH Message.

Quick question Patrick, what's the best aspect of being an intern at CollegeHumor?

Everything is amazing. Everyone who works here is such an awesome person. I don't even care that I don't get paid, honestly! It's also awesome how I would never have to call the police because Jake was standing behind me with an Airsoft gun threatening to shoot a hole in my ear if I said anything bad about this awesome job. It's so rad that I wouldn't have to call the police about that. I wouldn't have to do that quickly.

And the worst aspect of being an intern?

The "intern tax" Amir told me about. Apparently, the city imposed a 5-dollar-a-day levy on all interns, which CH senior writer Amir Blumenfeld is nice enough to collect. To be honest, I've never actually heard of such a tax, but Amir told me they "just passed it, like, the day before you started." I know it's the law, but its still a bit frustrating, and Amir says he still hasn't told me know about the "5 percent of you Wendy's Bacon Cheeseburger" tariff. That, and the bloody hole in my ear.

Joe sent in an email asking, "How do I get to date the hot redhead chick on BustedTees? I love her."

I talked to some people in BustedTees and they told me if you become a "SUPER BUYER" (buy 50 shirts at full price) you're eligible for some sort of wholesale purchase discount. Then they said she has a boyfriend.

Quick Office Survey: Favorite color?

Amir Cyan
Chris Green
Streeter Blue
Jason Why is my urine red
Jeff Uninteresting Question Blue
Jake Brown
Dan Get Me Some Coffee Black
Jen Royal Blue?
Kevin Green
Ricky Teal
Sarah Race-wise? Definitely Black.

JAYKAY don’t put that in there. Forest green.