Pro Con
Whites Majority rules. Laaame.
Blacks Hung like horses. Ask Grandpa, he'll tell you a few.
Jews Cash money. See: Egypt, Hitler, Arabs, Walt Disney, etc.
Indians (Pocohontas) Casinos. Relocation, relocation, relocation.
Indians (Apu) Successful in workplace. Workplace = taxi cabs.
Arabs Very peaceful people. Nut jobs get all the press.
Asians Efficient and industrious. Nike found out first.
Hispanics See: women on spanish channel. Can't see, no TV.
Brits Held reign over much of world. Not any more, suckas.
Aussies Sweet accent. As babies, must watch for dingos.
Irish Can outdrink anyone. Will outdrink everyone.
Canadians Hockey. Really just the 51st state.
Russians Invented vodka. …to drink away misery.
French Home of romance. Romantic pussies don't win wars.