Do you ever sit at your computer thinking, "God, I want MORE CollegeHumor. After spending 5 hours on the site there's not much else for me to do. I should shower. Why does no one love me?" Well I can help you out with at least half of these thoughts.

We're looking for real dedicated CollegeHumor fans to spend even MORE of their time thinking about CollegeHumor. As if we haven't already enriched your life enough. Now, thanks to us, you can become even more involved by giving out totally free College Humor SWAG, promoting CH at campus events, increasing your schools uploads onto CollegeHumor.

This is a win-win situation here. Free stuff for you and your friends, lots of cool promotion for us. Literally, no one loses. Let's get started!

If you want to become a campus rep, go to or simply click this text. The deadline to sign up is July 15, so get a move on.