She wants to get off
But you drank too much, retard.
Time to go diving.

You've done this before
It's not that difficult, right?
Don't gag, you drunk ass

Well, here goes nothing.
Kiss your way down her stomach…
Tease her for a sec.

Remember health class?
Where's that freaking clitoris?
What's a labia?

Forge ahead; you start
To finger-bang her softly.
Maybe a shocker?

Ahh, found that damn clit.
Kiss, lick, bite… she likes it all.
You're doin' well, bro.

You know she digs it;
Her legs begin to quiver
Fight through the pain, man!

She is almost there
A couple short moans escape
Her back starts to arch.

She starts pulling hair
The moans turn into loud screams
Her thighs squeeze your head.

You did it! She came!
Now, have her do your laundry
And cook you breakfast.

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