Just answer the questions below to find out if you'll be spending your summer between the sheets, or browsing porn sites by yourself!

How determined are you to meet new people this summer?
I meet people all the time, on Facebook. (0 points)
A little (1 point)
Determined (2 points)
Really, really determined (3 points)

What are your 4th of July plans?
Why would I celebrate the men who systematically destroyed the native population of this land? (0 points)
Lighting fireworks by myself in my basement. (1 point)
Going to some big BBQ, I think I can swing an invite for you. (2 points)
Having a big BBQ, everybody is invited! (3 Points)

What is your favorite kind of roller coaster?
I'm too short to be allowed to ride. (0 points)
The kind that doesn't make me puke. In other words, none. (1 point)
The old wooden kind (2 points)
The big steel ones, with all the loops (3 points)

You weigh:
300 cheeseburgers lbs (0 points)
200 lbs (1 point)
150 lbs (2 points)
100 lbs (3 points)

How desperate are you?
Very desperate (0 points)
Not desperate, seriously. (1 point)
Not desperate, I'm just waiting for the right girl/guy. (2 points)
Not desperate (3 points)

Where do you plan on looking for hook-ups this summer?
Any farm will do. (0 points)
Online (1 point)
The park. Time to bust out my sick ultimate moves I learned last semester. (2 points)
The beach. Time to break out this heavenly bod I've been sculpting all winter. (3 points)

When you meet an attractive member of the opposite sex, you usually:
Punch them in the face (0 points)
Ask their name, tell them they're pretty, then run away as fast as you can. (1 point)
Converse casually, then ask them to dance.(2 points)
Buy them a drink, and then f*ck them. (3 points).

Do you usually carry a condom with you?
I put on my condom every morning before school. Doesn't everybody? (0 points)
I'm not buying one, you buy one. What if the cashier knows my mom? (1 point)
No (2 points)
Yes (3 points)