They say that idle hands are the devil's playground, well aparently the same holds true for fraternity houses in the summer. We have a nearly limitless ammount of free time which has enabled us to find this little gem:

Incase you can't tell by the name and are still reading this article, it is a Wikipedia style site written by what I can only describe as right wing extremists. It is not as obvious when you first visit the site but after come careful examination and research you quickly realized the partisan writing behind many of the articles.

I am going to go ahead and assume that much of the CollegeHumor demographic is probably fairly liberal, so this will be especially fun for those who don't quite see eye to eye with the conservatives. Try looking up such topics as: Gay Marriage, Abortion (which aparently causes breast cancer), Evolution, The Democratic Party. You will be suprised with the things you never even knew.

Then there are some topics which you would think to be free of any sort of political bias. For instance, don't ask my why, but I wanted to learn how the concervapedia audience feels about kangaroos. Aparently modern Kangaroos are the decendants of a pair of similar animals brought aboard Noah's Ark to avoid the Great Flood. Their existence in Australia is explained that they either migrated there when the seas were lower as a result of the post-flood ice age, they were there before the super-continent of Pangea broke up, or they floated there aboard rafts of foliage torn up by the Great Flood. The idea that God simply created them there is, of course, preposterous.

So go and enjoy yourself, learn something new about a familiar topic. Just think of the compendium of information that this truly astonishing site has to offer. But always remember what your professors say, you can't always trust what you read on the internet, especially when it is freakin' insane.