We pick things up in the middle of their fight.

Massachusetts: …Look, I came first, so I'm taking it. It’s better suited for me anyway.

Maine: That's ridiculous. It works just as well for me as it does for you. Plus, I'm much, much bigger. Have you seen my forests? HUGE!

MA: Oh, is that how we're deciding things now? Is your dad going to beat up my dad next?

ME: No, I was just saying…

MA: Well I'm just saying that the port of Boston, just last year, took into over $1,200,000 in textiles and grains. That's 22% of the nation’s total economy. What did you bring in? Some lobsters?

ME: That's uncalled for.

MA: Look. I was a state before you. I make more money than you. I have a larger population. I'm taking it!

ME: But I…

MA: NO! It's mine! MINE! Got it?


ME: Fine. I guess I'll just go by ME then…