Since my 21st birthday, where I was given countless shots of the substance, I have held an absolute distaste for even the word 'Rumplemintz.' In fact, I even have a hard time chewing a flavor of gum with the word 'mint' in it because of the vile beverage. This is a chance to create an anti-Rumplemintz movement (or perhaps another beverage of spite such as Bacardi Limon (dont go there, girlfriend!).

A Buddhist monk, a Rabbi and an Atheist walk into a bar.

Upon entering the bartender asks 'What can I get you folks?'

The monk says 'It is not what you can get me, but what you can get my being that is spiritually connected with everyone. So the real question is 'What can I get myself?'

So the bartender says 'Ah, ok, well I could use a double shot of bourbon.'

"Then make it so' says the monk as be slams down the drink.

'How about you?' the bartender asks the Rabbi.

'Aye, bring me a kosher wine, red preferably, you schmuck.'

'Ok, wine it is' said the bartender as he poured a fine kosher pinot.

'And you?' he asked the atheist.

'There is no God.' replied the non-believer.

To which the bartender replied 'OK, so a bottle of Rumplemintz for you.'