Let's face it. Most of us are going to have kids eventually. However, a dilemma arrives when we choose how to raise our children. There are two sides: raising your kids to be normal, and raising your kids to be a serial killer. Let's take a look at examples for given situations:

Bedtime Ritual –
Normal kid: Read them a bedtime story.
Serial killer: Beat them until they become unconscious.

Family Dinner –
Normal kid: Cheeseburger and french fries.
Serial killer: Cocaine.

Christmas Present –
Normal kid: XBox 360.
Serial killer: Grenades.

Favorite TV Show –
Normal kid: Angry Beavers.
Serial killer: Teletubbies.

Crossing the Street –
Normal kid: Holding their hand.
Serial killer: Leash.

Vacation Location –
Normal kid: Disney World.
Serial killer: State prison.

Daily Chore –
Normal kid: Cleaning their room.
Serial killer: Cleaning the meth lab.

Family Pet –
Normal kid: Puppy.
Serial killer: Dead squirrel.

Punishment for wrongdoings –
Normal kid: Put them in Time Out.
Serial killer: Set them on fire.

Highlight of the week –

Normal kid: Ice cream on Friday night.
Serial killer: Putting a Furby in the microwave.

Intended College Major –
Normal kid: Business Administration.
Serial killer: Engineering.

You make the decision.