Hello, sweetie! We know that you've been worried lately about making the transition from your carefree days of youth to the frightening "real world" of adulthood. But listen — it's no big deal. Grown-ups are just like kids, and for everything you miss about childhood, there's a parallel in the adult world. For example:

Childhood Adulthood
Super Soakers Mace
Jack-in-the-Box Car Bomb
Hide and Seek Guerrilla Warfare
Strep Throat Colon Cancer
Detention Prison
Red Rover Escaping from Prison
Home Run Derby Taking Steroids
Our '93 Honda Accord Your '93 Honda Accord
Bumper Cars Drunk Driving
Playground Fights Decision 2008
Nickelodeon Super Toy Run The Lottery
Us, Your Parents Us, Your Dead Parents
Laughing at Farts Laughing at Farts
The Board Game "Life" Life

See? It's not so bad. Hey, remember that time we had a frank and honest discussion about your sex life?