Hey there handsome. Somebody sure woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. What's that ladies? Oh, don't worry, there is plenty of Mark to go around. I know how you can't resist a luscious and full head of hair. How do I look today? in a word: incredibly dashing. Mothers, lock up your daughters, because Mark is on the prowl.

It's true what they say, grey really is slimming. You can hardly even notice the 10 pounds I gained last Thanksgiving. Or the 20 from Christmas. Or even the 12 from Flag Day. This is outfit is just so nice. I love the way it brings out my eyes. Ooh, I can't wait to see Joel at work today… yesterday he said that I looked great. Sure, I saw him in the break room afterwards pointing at me and laughing with the other guys, but I know he just makes fun of me because he cares.

YES. I can't believe that I finally found a hair dye to match my sunglasses. BadASS. When a day starts out like this, you knows it's gonna be good. My soul patch is really coming in too. SICK. I hope that nobody gets upset about having to sit behind me at the movies. That kid from last time was so LAME. Complaining that he couldn't see the whole time. I wanted to see TMNT just as much as he did. Punk.

Jeez. Mom just doesn't get what's cool these days. This 'do is cutting edge. It makes me look so sophisticated… but you can also tell that I'm up for a good time. The rest of the chess club is going to flip. I hope I still have time to hang out with those guys, considering all the new friends I'm sure to be making. And I don't think that I could have found a more perfect sweater to wear either. Nana sure is one mean knitter.