We come into the story as Lucky the Leprechaun is running through the forest.

Lucky: These kids never give up!

Suddenly, three young teenagers jump down from a tree and grab our friend.

Kid 1: We got you lucky! Yay!

Kid 2: Now we can have our lucky charms!

Lucky: THATS IT! I've had it! This is fucking enough. What the hell is wrong with you? Ever since you tried lucky charms, you've been chasing me nonstop!

Kid 3: …What do you mean?

Lucky: What the hell what do I mean! I mean what I said! I never get a break! I can never sit down to eat a meal, I can't even take a dump without you kids jumping in on me!

Kid 2: But Lucky….It's fun!

Lucky: Fun for you asshole! Why do you even want my cereal? Most people would be chasing me cuz they think I have gold. But noooooooo, you kids have to chase me for my fucking cereal.

Kid 3: sniff We're sorry Lucky.

Lucky: No, you aren't. We've had this talk before, and I only got two miles without you popping up in fron of me. Stop, just stop.

Kid 1: We only wanted some marshmellow cereal.

Lucky: Do I look like I care? No, I don't. (He pulls out a gun). Now, I'm gonna walk away, and I swear, if any of you bastards follow me, I'll shoot you in the face. You think I'm kidding? Follow me, I dare you.

Lucky leaves, and the three youngsters stand in shock

Kid 2:…You know what I could use right now? Some cereal.

Kid 1: Yeah! Marshmellow cereal.

Kid 3: Let's go find that Leperchaun, Lucky. He's always got some on him.

Kid 1: Good idea!