So, like, OMG. I totally went and saw Little Miss Sunshine last night and IT. WAS. AWESOME. Not like winning prom queen awesome, but like winning prom queen on your UGLIEST DAY awesome. Ok so basically this movie is about a little girl who wants to be in a beauty pageant so her family totally drives her there. OMG and they drive there in this FUGLY yellow bus that, like, only gross old hippies own. It was so nasty, and it totally broke halfway there and it was SO annoying. I was like, "Ew, stop showing this ugly van, I just want to see the pageant, GOD."

OMG the guy in this movie is SO. HOT. He, like, doesn't talk for most of the movie but still, you can totally tell by his hair that he has a hot voice. And then when he talks, he TOTALLY does. Oh and that guy from the 40 Year Old Virgin is in this movie too, but he's gay, so it's kind of like "'what?' Ew, can you even imagine being 40 years old? GROSS.

UM, oh yeah. So the first hour and a half were totally boring and then they FINALLY got to the pageant. I was like, EW, what took them so long, this is OBVI the best part of the movie. The pageant was SO. AWES. All the little girls looked so pretty I wanted to DIE. That was my favorite part. And then after the pageant some other stuff happened, but I totally left to go get a mani-pedi so whatevs.

OMG, I almost forgot, the little girl's name was Olive, so the whole time I was totally singing that "Olive, the Other Reindeer" song. I could NOT get it out of my head! HAHA it was SOOOO annoying.

Oh yeah, and some guy died in this movie but it was okay because he was a TOTAL jerk. He wore a leather vest with a T-SHIRT the whole time. That is, like, SUCH a fashion faux pas, it's no wonder he died. VOM.