Nothing is quite as satisfying as building and displaying your own model. Today we will be building 1:48 scale Huey Hog chopper. You will need a modeling knife and plastic cement, as well as the included paints and decals. Let's begin:

1. Cut two halves of helicopter body (fig.1 and fig. 2) from plastic net A.

2. Shave plastic nubs from helicopter blades A, B, C, and D.

3. Glue body halves (fig. 1 and 2) together.

4. Carefully remove plastic support C from body to aid in door assembly.

5. Cut transparent window pieces (fig. 7) from plastic shims.

6. Cement pilot A into seat assembly A. Cement into cockpit of body.

7. Glue door assembly A into appropriate body side. Lines on side should match up.

8. Remove pilot B from shims and cement into seat B and cut off extra plastic. Glue into cockpit assembly.

9. Attach rotor assembly (fig. 5 and 9) to top of body with cement.

10. After securing windows (fig. 11,12,13,14, and 15) to body, cement landing gear to bottom of body.

11. Snap main blade assembly into slot 3 on top of body. If realistic motion is desired, blades need not be glued down. This will allow them to spin freely.

12. Apply decal A as pictured in diagram C.

13. Decorate chopper to your liking using included paints. Suggestions are available on packaging.

14. Congratulations! Your Huey Hog helicopter is now ready for display!