So I learned a valuable lesson a few days ago. I was walking my dog one morning and what did I find? A baby bird being slapped around like a ball. I quickly recovered the poor thing. As I held the poor shivering bird in my hand I tried to think of what to do with it. At first I thought of raising the poor thing, but it was too small for me to raise it. How would I care for it? No I thought no matter how much I wanted to keep the bird it was better off with its mom. As I looked down at it with its big brown eyes, I realized even though it look like a mix between golem from lord of the rings and tweety bird it was so ugly it was cute. It immediately started singing and opening its mouth for food, so while I fed it carefully some milk through a dropper, I thought of a plan. First I tried to locate the nest, but couldn't find it. So I Placed the bird high into the tree on an improvised nest, while going out to buy something to make a birdhouse.

Price of towel – nothing already had one
Price of ladder – nothing already had one
Price of hanging basket – 20 dollars
Price of nice soft moss – 3 dollars

Price of rescuing a baby bird from a cat then later coming back to find the bird missing with only a bit of dropping left. well just plain sad.

Price of coming to the realization that I just spent a better part of a day and 23 dollars plus tax on a bird that ended up dead anyways and how much of an idiot I was to put the stupid thing back up in the damn tree…. priceless