If a mother wrote a letter to her estranged son aplogizing for having given him fetal alcohol syndrome, this is how I imagine it would go.

Dear Eric,I'm really sorry about your having fetal alcohol syndrome, or I guess now that you're bigger teenage alcohol syndrome. Or do they still call it fetal alcohol syndrome? I'm not sure. I bet it's been really hard on you being retarded and weird looking. If it were just one or the other you might have a shot at a normal life, but I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways; in your case, me drinking heavily while I was pregnant with you and you now being retarded on account of it. I can't help but feel guilty about your "situation," even though I know it's not my fault I didn't realize I was pregnant with you until the third trimester. I just figured I was gaining weight from all the drinking I was doing. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was pregnant, and that you were going to be retarded to boot. Having a normal kid would have been a real shit sandwich, but one like you was way more than I could have handled. That's why I "forgot" you at the mall when we went for curly fries that summer. I hope you're doing well, though I know that's probably not realistic.I'm doing really good. I met this guy named Chris who is real cute and he treats me really good too. His parents own a laundry mat and we stay upstairs. We're thinking about having some kids of our own, once Chris leaves his wife and we get clean. It's gonna happen real soon, I know it. I wonder if you ever got to meet your father. He was a pretty nice guy untill he found out I was pregnant. He had my name tattooed on his forearm, though I think he may have had it before we started dating. Either way it was nice. He took off when he found out I was pregnant. I was just wondering if he had gotten in touch with you. Anyway it was nice chatting. I'd like to hear back from you, but since I can't leave you a return address (I know how those child support lawyers are. lol:) I'll just assume that my special little guy is doing ok.I hope you could read this.Love,Mom