Let's get this week started with a question that's on all our viewers' minds. Where the hell is Street Fighter: The Later Years? We want more Street Fighter!

Those of us here in the CH Originals department got away from Street Fighter for a while to work on other things. But don't worry! Sam (CH’s talented/bearded director and the creator of the series) and I crafted the story for the remaining episodes, and I’ve been working on the scripts for the last two months. The epic tale of honor, passion and Hadoukens will continue with seven new installments, and they will be released starting in the middle of the summer. Thanks for your patience – we’re looking forward to the new episodes as much as you are.
Dan Gurewitch

Last week Jason Fox asked: Are you guys actually doing stuff at CollegeHumor which could be put on a resume, or is most of your day spent f*cking around
on CollegeHumor.com? It would be great if this is a good resume builder and not just a four month keg stand for you guys.

Intern Kevin (Kevintern) decided to answer this one for you guys: That's an excellent question Jason. Anything can be used on a resume if you know how to put the right spin on it. Here are just a few examples:
  • Last week I wrote the CollegeHumor quiz. The topic was sex, and the article itself was a little bit on the crass side. Normally, it's considered poor taste to include things in your portfolio with phrases like "non-stop festival of fun and cum," but look how professional it looks when I say that I "Performed valuable research on the sexual habits of our target demographic for marketing purposes." Is it true? Not at all, but it sounds great!
  • I spend a lot of time every day just f*cking around on CollegeHumor.com. If I was working anywhere else that would be considered slacking off. Here it becomes "Monitored and tested site-content while moderating user comments." Have you seen our comments, do they look moderated?
As for a four-month-long keg stand, let's be realistic. I haven't even been here for a month. My keg-standing skills are mediocre at best. Maybe I could go for 10 minutes. I'd never last for four months like Streeter.

Office Survey
Last week was favorite color. I know, a little boring, but we had to cover the basics first. Let's go with:
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movie

Streeter Love Actually
Jeff Rubin Anything on USA Up All Night
Amir Syriana
Patrick The Mask
Dan I thought “Bring It On” was pretty legitimately funny
Will A Goofy Movie
Jeremy Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
Jake Field of Dreams
Jeff Rosenberg Clueless
Jason That Thing You Do
Kevin Sleepover, but it's not a guilty pleasure because I really love it.
Sam Faces of Death
Chris Mission Impossible 2
Sarah Deep Blue Sea
Steve What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Susanna Sister Act 2.

Actually, if you watch the first half of the Sound of Music and then Sister Act 2, well, that's just a perfect dose of singing nuns and racial diversity that's refreshing in our political climate's consistent ethnic polarization of the arts.

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