This was Tara Friedman's first day of teaching 2nd grade. She had spent her last four years as a Resident Advisor at UCLA so she did the only thing she knew how to do…

Tara: Okay children, ice breakers! Everybody sit around the rug Indian style. Now we are going to go around the room and each of you will tell two truths and one lie. Then, the next person will have to guess which one is the lie! Sounds like fun, right!?

Victoria: Popsicles.

Tara: Yeah. Okay. Thomas is the first in the circle, so Thomas, please, tell two truths and one lie.

Thomas: Every night the Tooth Fairy comes to check to see if there are teeth under my pillow, Mommy and Daddy are going to be alive forever and my favorite food is macaroni.

Tara: Ah. Okay. Nevermind. Who likes blocks?!

Martin: Macaroni is the lie.

Thomas: Correct.

Tara (pleasantly surprised): Oh, okay. Umm, Martin, you go now.

Martin: I once had cooties, my dog recently moved to a farm far away because he found out he can float in water for hours and wanted to live where there was lots of water, and I have two sisters.

Josie: Easy. Two sisters is a lie.

Martin: Yup.

Tara: Maybe we should play something else…

Josie: Nobody knows why the sky is blue, stop asking so many dumb questions. Mommy fell down the stairs again, honey. And I like getting in my room and turning off the light. No talking.

Tara: All right, new game: Just say your name then something you like that begins with the first letter of your name.

Frank: I'm Frank and I like the Fact that Santa Claus exists.