1. John Mayer – Mayer isn't one of those snooty, full of himself celebs like that newcomer loser James Blunt. Actually, if you check out his blog (read this letter he wrote to the Smucker Peanut Butter Company) or go to a show you'll see he's pretty down to Earth and dare I say… funny too? He appeared in a Chappelle's Show sketch a while back and on his VH1 show John Mayer Has a TV Show he went to one of his own concerts before the show, dressed in a bear costume, and heckled his own audience as to why they would see a John Mayer concert. He also checked into the Comedy Cellar the other week for a quick stand-up. After watching those vids you've got to admit it, he's a pretty funny dude.

2. Kevin Spacey
– When this creepo isn't making some of our favorite films (The Usual Suspects and, I don't know, K-Pax?) he's usually showing up his awesome impersonation and impressions of other celebs. In one memorable SNL skit Spacey impersonates Christopher Walken trying out for the role of Han Solo in the original Star Wars. It's comedy gold!

3. George Clooney – He's been in some of the biggest films of our generation, from the Ocean's trilogy to Three Kings and Batman and Robin. Remember when his Batman suit had nipples in that movie? That was pretty disturbing. His friends know him as quite the prankster though. One of the funniest ones I read: