I must be frank, to say the least;
Your music taste's quite bland
Which is why I must inquire
If you're familiar with the band

You mean to claim you have not heard
This grand musical treasure?
My poor dear sir, you've been deprived
Of certain aural pleasure!

This fabled group of which I speak
Is far superior
To any band that does reside
In your iTunes interior

I suppose it's understandable,
This faction's anonymity
For the public could not stomach
Their raw talent and ability

The label "indie," I confess
Appears to me obscene
For you see, compared to them,
Indie is mainstream

I could expound for hours
On their lyrical invention
Yet my words would do no justice;
They're beyond your comprehension

They no longer use pronouns or verbs –
Grammar's too commercialized
They communicate in gestures –
Sheer brilliance they've devised

What's that you say? You heard their song,
When at Jill's house you stayed?
Now that you mention it, I feel
They'reway too overplayed.

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