Four guys, Timmy, Billy, Bobby and Bran meet in the headquarters of their exclusive club.

Billy: Kay. Minutes from last meeting. First we talked about slime. Then Nerf. We made a short list of things that were gay.

Bobby: Do you have the list handy?

Billy: (Removing a list from his overalls) Yup. Cats, school, homework, hugging your dad, salad, and girls.

Timmy shifts in his seat.

Bobby: Something to say Timmy?

Timmy: Not really. Just-

Bobby: Moving on then.

Bran farts, Billy and Bobby crack up.

Bobby: Epic!

Bobby and Billy high five Bran.

Bobby: Hey Timmy, you didn't high five Bran. You think he beefed for no reason?

Timmy: I dunno. (Lazily reaches out his hand)

Bran looks at Timmy's hand then nervously to Bobby.

Bobby: A low five? Are you kidding? We don't even give those out for SBD's, what's with you?

Timmy: I've been thinking.

Billy: About what, video games?

Bobby: Model planes?

Timmy: No, well yeah, but something else too. This club, it just seems like it's getting old.

Billy: Not following.

Timmy: It's just us. All we do is sit up here in this tree house and fart- which is awesome, but maybe we should invite other people.

Bobby: He's right! Quick we need to make a list of other guys in our class that aren't gay. Let's think.

Timmy: Oh. Yeah, that's an awesome start. We could invite new guys, or even anyone.

Billy: Guys or anyone? Haha, who else is there besides guys?

Bran lets out a long high pitched fart.

Timmy: Like, girls or something, I dunno.

Bobby: I'm going to pretend you're joking.

Timmy: We could invite them up here to make fun of them and stuff.

Billy: I don't know, a girl in the treehouse? That's unheard of.

Timmy: We could make them cook us brownies and we could kiss them and stuff.

Bobby: What did you just say?

Timmy: Cook us brownies.

Bobby: After that.

Timmy: Brownies.

Bobby: No, it was the next thing.

Timmy: Cook for us?

Bobby: No, this isn't how that works. I'm saying what did you say after that and you keep saying the same thing over and over.

Timmy gets a small boner.

Billy: What's with your peep dude? Is it frozen or something?

Timmy: Wha?

Billy: It looks all stiff in your pants.

Bobby: What's your deal?

Bran hits Timmy's penis.

Timmy: (Knocking his hand away) Quit it. I just mean, we should get girls up here and explore each other's bodies.

Bobby: Okay you've lost it. You've really f*cking lost it.

Timmy: Don't you guys ever get curious?

Bobby slaps Timmy hard on the face.

Bobby: Pull yourself together.

Timmy: Forget this club, I'm going to play hopscotch with some chicks.

Billy: That's the ultimate gay