Help Me Help You – Ted Danson runs a weekly group therapy session for six zany, white patients. Here's the twist you've never seen on TV before – they all live in New York! it's Frasier meets Becker with a dash of that Bruce Willis movie that has the ridiulous sex scene!

Men in Trees – A relationship counselor moves to Alaska, where she meets various white men she may or may not have sex with by sweeps. It's Sex & The City meets Northern Exposure!

The Class – Eight twenty-somethings, each whiter than the next, reunite after being in the same third grade class twenty years ago. It's Friends meets… it's actually just Friends.

The Nine – Nine people's lives are linked together by a mysterious force – is it chance, destiny, or something even more contrived? They will have 52 hours to figure it out when they are all caught in a standoff after a bank robbery. It's Lost meets Inside Man!

Happy Hour – After losing his job, his apartment, and his girlfriend, a white twenty-something male has to start his life over with the help of his wacky white friends. It's every other show you've ever seen meets garbage!

Twenty Good Years – Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow are two old white men who can't agree on anything – except that they want to live life to it's fullest for the next 20 years before they die. It's the Golden Girls meets The Odd Couple!

Day Break – Taye Diggs stars as a detective who is framed for murder. He must relive the same day over and over again until he can solve the mystery. This one's too easy – it's Groundhog's Day meets The Fugitive!

'Til Death – A white newlywed couple moves next to a white jaded couple that's been married for a long time – it's Married With Children meets who gives a shit anymore!