The boys and girls at HBO were nice enough to give us enough time for an extended Disney World vacation in between seasons of Entourage this year. After all, who doesn't schedule their life around there favorite TV show? Well, Entourage is back and, if you're anything like me, you were wondering if you had the right channel when it came on. Was Entourage presented in the same documentary style as The Office when we left it? I don't remember, it was so long ago. Wikipedia seems to think that it wasn't. I trust Wikipedia.

We rejoin Vince & friends in Colombia. They're not having as much fun as usual. There are no parties , and (SPOILER ALERT) Vince doesn't have sex with anyone. Do I really have the right show? The cable guide says yes. It's all business this time around. Medellin has begun production and it needs to be completed by the end of the episode.

If you're pressed for time, here's a breakdown of the most important moments in last night's episode:

  • Eric and Medellin director Billy Walsh argue about money throughout the episode
  • Billy Walsh throws several temper tandrums. His emotional problems are completely fixed after recieving one compliment from Eric.
  • Vince continues to be smugly agreeable.
  • Billy Walsh falls in love with an extra in his film. Johnny Drama has sex with her, launching Walsh into a near-breakdown.
  • Turtle angers Walsh by allowing his cell phone to ring. Turtle does nothing else for the entire episode.
  • Ari has become omniscient. He spends the episode commenting on the pitfalls of Vince-and-friends from an elevator in LA.
  • Medellin is finished and everything wraps up nicely for everyone by the end of the episode.
Also worth mentioning: a not-so-important ,but very funny, scene where Academy Award winning writer Stephen Gaghan flies to Colombia to finish the Medellin script, and is immediately sent home.

The behind-the-scenes documentary format of the episode felt contrived, but it was still an interesting episode. The new location of Colombia took the characters out of their element, and allowed us to get a glimpse into their personalities in a setting without mansions or girls. We're four seasons in now, so let's take this opportunity to compare season 4, Colombia Vince & friends to Season 1, LA Vince & friends and see how they've changed.

In season 1, Eric was the Entourage family's reluctant authority figure. He knew right from wrong, but had a hard time speaking up. He's grown up since then. Now he's the group's mother. He spends his time nagging about this and that, and he's still a pussy.

Vince has always managed to be the least-important, important character on the show. He floats from scene to scene doing whatever Eric tells him and sleeping with models. Vince hasn't had sex with anyone in season 4 yet, so his character has been reduced to either a puppet, or a robot. You decide.

Johnny Drama
Johnny's character has changed the least over the seasons. He's still begging for work every chance he gets.

In season 1, Turtle had one purpose: get Vince to buy expensive things. It happened over and over again. From cars, to home theater systems, to houses, if Turtle wanted it then Vince would buy it. There's nothing for Turtle to buy in Colombia, which has nearly removed him from the show.

The preview of next week's episode doesn't look very promising. Walsh will disappear before he finishes editing Medellin, leaving Eric to scramble for a new editor at the last minute. Odds are Eric will spend the majority of the episode on the phone yelling at people, and I predict Walsh will mysteriously un-vanish by the end of the episode.

I leave you all with this topic for discussion: Who is the hardest working character (agents excluded) on the show? My vote goes to Johnny Drama. No one wants to succeed more than he does, and he tries so hard, too. Agree? Disagree?