Mr. Sanders: So we're agreed then.
Randy: We're agreed.
Cynthia: Can we go over it one more time for the class?
Mr. Sanders: This isn't hard, Cynthia. Tomorrow during gym, we're doing "trust falls," and when Wendell goes, we'll all move out of the way so he falls on his back.
Randy: You guys get it?
Class: Yeah.
Cynthia: Isn't this dangerous? Wendell could get seriously hurt.
Randy: That's the idea.
Cynthia: Don't you think he might figure out that we're conspiring against him?
Mr. Sanders: You think we haven't thought of that? That's why we're all going to do a trust fall. Wendell will watch as each one of you guys gets caught by your classmates. That way, when he goes, he won't suspect a thing.
Randy: This may paralyze him.
Tucker: That would be so boss.

Mr. Sanders nods.

Cynthia: It's not fair, why do we just pick on Wendell, is it because he's so smart?
Randy: Yes.
Cynthia: And you're jealous because you wish you were as smart and good at math and science as Wendell is?
Randy: Of course.
Cynthia: Now I get it.
Mr. Sanders: If Wendell were a real genius he would skip gym class tomorrow.
Tucker: What about his perfect GPA?
Randy: Guess Wendell has a real conundrum on his hands.
Cynthia: He could always get a note.
Mr. Sanders: Yes I suppose so. He could get a note.
Tucker: That sounds like his best bet.
Cynthia: Where is Wendell? I want to have sex with him.
Randy: He's off fighting dragons.
Cynthia: (gushing) He's so brave