Recently, I had the chance to talk to Colleen Marie, Miss August 2003. Aside from gracing the hallowed pages of Playboy, Colleen also found time to become a vet! That's right, a vet. She also had time to create her own website, creatively called Anyway, I figured this was my only chance to ask the questions I've always dreamed about asking a Playboy Playmate, and guess what? She answered them.

How did you decide you wanted to pose nude?

My friend sent my pics in for a college search. So technically none of this blatant nudity is my fault.

Is it weird knowing that millions of people have seen you naked?

Only when creepy people like you put it like that. :) Actually only weird to know my relatives might have seen it, remember I am from the south so the chances are pretty high.

How many guys you went to high school with emailed you after your Playboy cover?

Great question!! At least a dozen, even the ones that teased me in high school emailed me.

You're a veterinarian, do any of your patients' owners know about your other career?

Actually one time one of my clients brought a magazine into my office to have it signed for her husband. She said he was too shy to ask. Meanwhile he was sitting in the car outside.

Has your Dad ever seen your pictures and what does he think of them?

Funny story, he bought the first issue I was in, the College Girls issue, because he thought it was just sexy pics, not nude. Well he opened at his office took one look and slammed shut in his briefcase. Deep down I think he's proud.

Playboy is the peak in terms of nude modeling, where do you go from there?

Straight to Penthouse. Just kidding!! I moved to NYC and started doing all types of modeling work. And of course still do the nude modeling. :)

Is Hef a perv?

I am not sure, ask one of his 18 girlfriends. Seriously though, he is one of the nicest guys I know. He has done amazing things with his company and treat all of us like his family.

The Grotto: Can you get me in?

Do you really wanna go in a hot tub that millions of little sperm are dying in right now?? Didn't think so.

Every Playmate says her biggest turn on is a guy with a sense of humor, why all of you lie about that?

Okay, okay it really is a 10" penis. Actually I did write sense of humor and yes it is a turn on. Why do you think I am reading CollegeHumor?

Do you fart? If so, how often?

Of course, didn't you hear you will explode if you don't? [editor's note: Gross] Not too often though. But I will say that I know this one Playmate who could clear a room with her farts. You know who you are! LOL. [editor's note: I'm listening…]

Does Playboy pay well?

Yes and no. For the pictorial and centerfold in the magazine it is much less than you think. For promotions and live appearances you can't beat the pay and they take care of everything. They are a great company to work with.

Finally, ask our users a question of your own.

Who is your favorite playmate of all time and do guys really use playboys to spank to?

Well, you heard the woman, do you?

To see more of Colleen – a lot more, actually – swing by her new site Warning: Nudity and Farting. Well, just nudity, but still…

For now, though, enjoy these pictures!