This month I had the pleasure of asking Miss July, Tiffany Selby, some very important questions regarding hot dog eating and other things. Tiffany is 25, lives in LA and is on the USA Bikini Team. Let's see how she answers the big questions…

1. How many hot dogs could you eat if you were being forced to eat them to save a loved one’s life?
Maybe two so I would probably just say my goodbye's before I started. :(

2. Pathetic. What was your favorite toy as a kid? Mine was Legos.

My power wheels jeep and my dog used to ride in the passenger seat. I miss those days!

3. What is grosser and why: a guy who doesn’t cut his toenails or a guy who doesn’t cut his hair?
Long hair is hot, I don't really want to get attacked in the middle of the night so I would have to go with the toenails.

4. Who is more attractive: a great comedian or a mediocre musician?
Any guy holding a guitar is hot so I'm gonna have to go with the musician.

5. That's terrible news. What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever ruined or destroyed?
I'm still working on that one

6. If I told you that I’ve been skydiving twice and I’m not afraid of it at all, would you think I was sexier? If not, what would make you think that?
I wouldn't think that it was necessarily sexier but I do like risk takers so I would ask if I could go next time

7. No can do, my skydiving skills would probably just make you feel bad about your own lack expertise. Rank the following theme parks, best to worst: Disney World, Six Flags, Busch Gardens.
Six Flags, Disney World, Busch Gardens.

8. You were on the USA bikini team – what exactly is a bikini team and is that regarded as a sport by those who participate?

To this day I still don't really know the purpose of bikini teams because all I did was a photo shoot. It was fun though and no I don't think it is a sport. I'm not a sporty girl.

9. What is the best movie ever made and why?

Dirty Love because Jenny McCarthy is hilarious and the part where the guy is on ecstasy is such a classic "LA" type of guy. Watch it and you will understand.

Not going to pretend I saw that flick. Anyway, if you want more of Tiffany you can visit PlayboyDigital.