It's that time of the month again where I ask you guys to submit things you've overheard people saying that you thought were particularly funny. I got a lot of responses and thought I'd share the top 5. Remember, one of these if fake, can you guess which?

Bro 1: Dude, last night I got on some chick with about the hottest body I've ever
Bro 2: So she was pretty bangin' man?
Bro 1: Well, her body was hot… but uh.. she had braces. Then she left right after we were done. I woke up this morning, no phone number, no Facebook add. Nothin.
- Ohio University –

Dude 1: Yo bro, did you just slap my girlfriends ass?
Dude 2: Bro, I'm not your Bro, Bro!
- Northeastern University –

1: Are you talking about the chick with the huge tits or the one with the big ass?
2: No I'm talking about the one that's really tan ya know?
1: I thought that was the one with the huge tits?
- Eastern Connecticut State University –

A: Dude, after Flapjack and I pushed that janitor off the fucking roof, I went home and cracked open 4… maybe even 5 bottles of wine and just got fucking wasted, bro."
B: Hey, Flapjack! Remember when we beat up that old man at the Sig Chi party? AWESOME!"
(They high five using their forearms)
- University of Chicago –

Fratty 1- Dude hate to break it to you but she got banged out that same night by other bro.
Fratty 2- What? How could she? What a whore! She seemed so different, thats not like her, we liked talked and stuff.
Fratty 1- Ya dude sucks sorry.
Fratty 2 Wait was it be for or after I hit it?
Fratty 1- After
Fratty – Hahahah thats so funny I'm calling him to tell him right now he got the sloppy seconds!
- University of North Florida –
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