Waz up thuglettes. Ready for me to spread some peep-juice all up in this bizatch. I hope so, y'allz best take a seat ˜cuz this shit Ima about to drop on ya is for real son, no joke, some potent shit coming your way! Your boy, KP-thrilla, just gotta raise son. Now don't be jealous y'all. As my boy Nick Andrews A.K.A Numberz from the A-Kounting Krew says, "Don't get yo hate up, get yo weight up." That's deep shit for realz. No y'all for real though, great week for the thugs and bitches up in the office. Birthdays out the ass son! So we're havin' some bomb-ass parties and they gonna be THA SHIT! Even true gangstas can always use some cake action, ya heard that? You want more reality, they hired some new bitch in Hizzle Rizzle Mizzle and she's a fuckin' dime piece killas! No whah I'm saying!? Ha hah! For real though, Numberz did a little investigatin' and said she's flyin' solo. That mean it's time for this thug to go out on the hunt son. No ho can resist this kid over hurr. So what if she's talkin' to that salesman Brian, he's weak-shit. I know how it's going down. He be all, "I'm a regional salesmen." Then I come in and say baby girl, you know, say it all smoove like, "You want a regional salesmen, or you want an international playa." Then, once again, KP-thrilla gets tha bitch. Ima fuckin' legend in the hallz son.

Alright yo, we'z gots to take a moment say some words yo to the big guy in the sky for my boy Donald William AKA "Tha Don" from Corporate Relations. He's hurtin' man, sitting at home yo. Last weekend you, my other thug D-Box from Shipping/Receiving had the hella crazy party yo at his duplex.
(His neighbors were gone so the law wouldn't show up, it was tight!) Anywayz, it was crazy yo, bitches, ho's, thugs, and stunnas was everywhere. Anyway, Tha Don was fixin' to get set up with this fine ass dime piece so he starts doin' his thing. So he's "walkin' it out" right, turns out, he walked it out right in front of my boy's fresh Miata, broke his leg and trashed his kicks. Bill Starkey A.K.A "Dollar Billz," also a part of the A-Kounting Krew, was driving. He's all bummed and shit. But hey, parties can't pop without the Grey Goose ya heard!? Aight, nuff with the sermon. Church is out peeps. Go on bout cha bidness!