This makes me laugh every time I look at it. I love how "Chad" is so non-plussed and oddly resigned that the only thing he can do is send out an mass email to his friends about his "crazy"situation.

Personally I picture Chad living in a world where his roomate is constantly masturbating all around their apartment and it's like bad 80's sitcom like "Perfect Strangers" called, "Playing with each Other." The opening credits would be all about their crazy living situation as Chad tries to go about his normal life with his "crazy" roommate. You'd see him trying to find a box of cereal and then he turns around to to see his roommate using the cereal box to masturbate (shot tastefully of course) and he just shrugs and laughs while synthesized upbeat music plays. The closing credit shot would be late night in their apartment Chad is watching TV and sitting next to him is his roommate furiously masturbating, he looks over smiles then lifts the remote and clicks it and the screen goes to black, just like he's shutting off your TV. In my world this show is canceled right after the opening credits.